This section is dedicated to our friends, which collaborated with us. They are not part of our group, but in different times they joined some of our projects.

Barbora Honysová

Barbora live in Prague 2. She was part of our group until 2019. She study drawing, painting and prints under supervision of Pavel Kocych.

Jarmila Kavenová

Jarmila live in Prague. She was our consultant for exhibition in Ždár nad Sázavou. She attend first placement of board in project "Wall". In summer 2022 she send her drawing into our competition "Úvalská šiška". Jarmila had her workshop in Montreal, where she realize her sculptures in foundry. Her works are often present in commercial spaces.

Barbora Veselá

Barbora live in Přistoupim. She send her sculpture to our competition "Úvalská šiška" on Povaleč festival.She repeatedly attend with T. Hajek autumn exhibition "Meeting". Barbora has long term focus to objects and paintings from recycled materials. She is specialist in design of spiritual spaces.